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how do i tell what size motor i have

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  • how do i tell what size motor i have

    hi all
    Leighton here from new Zealand
    I have just brought a 1966 Pontiac parisienne 4 door pillar less
    was told the motor in it is a ponty big block but don't know how to tell what size it is
    any help please

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    You need the numbers from the heads and block. Heads are on centre exhaust port, block will be on the front and on the pad by the distributor. You might also find 400 or 455 on the left side of the block as your looking at it.

    By the way there are no small block or big block pontiacs they are all the same block from the 287 to the 455


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      If it's a Parisienne, that means it's a Canadian built car and will have a Chevy engine. An easy way to tell if it's a small block is if it has four valve cover bolts it's a small block. A big block will have much wider valve cover and should have six bolts on them if I remember right. Being a four door, I'd guess it's more than likely a small block 283 or 327. Could be a big block 396 or 427 though. Graham is correct that the numbers will tell you exactly what it is. I don't know where the numbers are located on Chevy engines tho. Or if the engine has been swapped out, it could have almost anything in it.
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        It should have a Chevy engine in it since it's a Parisienne that was built in Canada.If it's a small block chevy it's either a 283 or 327, if it a big block chevy it's probably a 396.Here'a a picture of a Big Block Chevy

        Also a picture of a Pontiac engine.
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          Here's how to tell the code locations if it's a Pontiac engine.
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            cool thanks ill check tonight
            but its not a chevy motor in it ive got a 327 and 400 small block plus my brother has a 454 sitting in my shed and its a way different motor


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              Re: how do i tell what size motor i have

              Take some pics.

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