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Car Quit Running at Stoplight

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  • Car Quit Running at Stoplight

    Hi, My daughter's 92 grand prix 3.1 LE did something strange tonight and I thought I might get some ideas here.

    She had just started it at the high school to come home. It had been running about 5 minutes and she was at a traffic light. When the light turned green, she gently pressed on the accelerator pedal when suddenly it quit and would not even turn over afterward. It's about 10* out but I'm not sure it's weather related.

    Anyway, what might happen that would kill it like that and not even be able to turn the engine over? Battery isn't dead she had lights and 4 ways going when I came to pick her up. There it was dead in the turn lane.

    Thanks for any ideas.


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    Check ground cable at engine block. Also the starter could of just gave up the ghost. I had a starter once that wouldn't crank but battery seemed ok. Got it started and drove 300 miles home(been on vacation in Ok.). When I got home it didn't start again. The brushes in the starter were wore down to the plastic brush holder.
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      Sounds electrical, most likely the ground
      Yes im agreeing with Don!

      Let us know if you got it running again and if it was the ground or another issue

      Originally posted by poncho1961
      And your right Joisey.
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        Check the wiring at the starter. On lots of the late model cars, besides the positive battery cable, they connect 1 or 2 fusible links on the same lug. Parts of the car are powered through those links. A corroded connection or loose bolt there will allow it to work sometimes, and nothing at other times. Even trying to jump start it will do nothing. If thats it, its usually an easy fix. Remove the one large nut. Remove all the cables. Clean the terminal ends of corrosion. Put it back together.

        In worse case scenarios the added amps required to jump through the corrosion ends up burning up the fusible link and requires it be replaced.
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          And as asked, whatever you do find, please post up what it was. It may help someone else later.
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            And disconnect your battery first!

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              Good point Mac. In my defense I did do that when I cleaned the connections on my sons 92 Firebird and made it a point to tell him that it needed to be disconnected first. LOL Forgot that VERY important step in my post above. Good catch.
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                I had that happen once in my GTO. The engine harness came lose from the fuse box. That probably didn't happen in your case but it reenforces the electrical problem others mention

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                  Check all your weather pack connectors. Unplug them and inspect the ends. The are know to leak and corrode

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                    Did these cars have a computer module? Same thing happened to me with an 86 Olds, turned out the module had to be replaced.