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AUTO headlights and heads up display help needed

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  • AUTO headlights and heads up display help needed

    Hello all.
    I have a 2001 GP with auto headlights that are SLOW to react to change in lighting conditions. sometimes it can take a minute to cycle on/off sometimes they will not cycle at all till I manually turn them on. I may also have noticed today that maybe the DRL's are not coming on when the autos are going to not be coming on correctly, but I need to confirm that.

    Could this be the ambient sensor going bad? most of the time they have just a long delay (minutes+) sometimes they work fine.

    HEADS up display is having the dimming problem also, and I will be attempting to check the solder joints on the board. Anyone have pics on that procedure? I have read a couple good write ups on it but pics help my slow fast brain got away a long time ago...

    Thanks for the help.

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    I found another site that was very helpful for the newer stuff. I used to have a 2000's
    '65 Goat