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  • Pontiac Grand Am GT Project

    Hey guys my name is jake and i have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT that i am trying to build up. It's my first car, and i have so many ideas that i want implement in to it but with the vast array of parts and brands im clueless on what would be best and what is worth doing. Firstly, i wanted to start off with my exhaust, what brands and parts would be best for my car? I would really like to get a rumble out of the exhaust i choose so whatever help you guys can offer will gladly be taken

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    Welcome Jake. MAYBE someone here will surprise me, but, most everyone here has rear wheel drive 80 or before Pontiacs. No to many front drivers to give you first hand experience with what was used for exhaust. I will say it a safe bet, no one will recommend a big fat fart can at the back of the car. LOL

    With that said, except for an aftermarket header, I'd think that about anything you wanted to throw at it would work. I'm guessing that GT was a V6. I do have a 90 Sunbird, wrong wheel drive, with a 4 banger. Its running a plain old school cherry bomb muffler in place of the stocker. Doesn't sound bad for what it is. Not sure of your emissions testing where you're at, but nothing here in mid Illinois for me to worry about. If you enjoy the same there, then I'd suggest some decent mandrel bent exhaust tubing, ditch the cat, and use any good quality turbo style muffler. Walker, Cherry Bomb, Hooker, etc etc. You can get them with a single inlet and dual outlet if you like the symetrical look of twin exhaust tips, and most will make a muffler than fits up in the original location real easy with the right clamps.

    Hope that helped a little.
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      Ditching that cat will give you that nice dash glow. The after cat o2. Perhaps one to fool the computer for this model?


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        Not familiar with the 99s Mac. Did they have the after cat o2. I know some of the earlier small cars had an o2 before the cat, and that one usually isn't affected by the missing cat. Newest thing I've got without a cat is 93, and it didn't have the o2 to worry about then. But good point if it does, and if he's checked for emmissions in his area, the point is mute anyway, since they'd probably flunk him without a cat anyway.
        I'm the Rick in prick.