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  • new steering wheel

    recently got a new grant wheel for my 1972 Lemans how do I go about removing the original wheel? thanks!

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    With a steering wheel puller.

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      1.Make sure your parked with your front wheels pointed straight ahead.
      2.Disconnect battery negative cable
      3. Remove horn button assembly. Screws on each spoke from the rear. Usually needs a small socket or a nut driver from memory. There will be one wire connecting the button assembly to the rest of the wheel somehow. Some are spade terminals that you just unplug while others are small plastic spring loaded barrels that you push in slightly and give a small turn. Kinda like a tail light bulb, if you've ever replaced one of those.
      4. Remove large center nut thats exposed under the horn button. There may be a snap ring on there that needs popped off before the nut can be removed. Its a weird little thing that can be popped off with a screw driver.
      5. Get that steering wheel puller Mike mentioned. You can buy them at Autozone, Advance, O-Reilly's, etc. It will have a center push screw and a selection of bolts, two of each, different threads, different lengths. Find the two that will thread into the two holes on either side of that center nut. With the nut removed, hold the wheel puller with the center screw center on the steering shaft and thread the two bolts in an even amount so they pass through the wheel puller an into the wheel.
      6. Tighten that force screw in the center of the wheel puller and the wheel should slide off.
      7. Hold your breath while you figure out if you bought the right adapter kit for your Grant wheel that will bolt on and center the damned thing so you don't look like you're always making a turn while driving straight.
      8. If the adapters right, make sure you start the adapter in the correct position so that your horn contacts line up and you don't crush them. Install the center nut and snap ring and attach the wheel.
      9. Reattach the negative cable and test the horn.
      10. Drink a beer and tell your friends how amazing I am.
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        So yeah. What Mike said. With a steering wheel puller.
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          thanks guys!!