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Best way to remove rear window to trunk panel on 2nd gen firebird

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  • Best way to remove rear window to trunk panel on 2nd gen firebird

    I have a new fiberglass trunk lid for my 1976 Firebird. I want to remove the load springs from the trunk hinges because I am afraid that the tension will crack or break the fiberglass lid. I started the removal process of the panel that is between the trunk and the rear window. I have all the screws out on both sides of the panel (2 on top, 3 on bottom). There is a lot of window sealer filling the gab between the panel and the rear window and I am not sure if I can cut it out or do I have to remove the rear window? Of course I would prefer not to remove the window and just reapply sealer. Has anyone done this and have any suggestions?

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    What about unlatch them then take a grinder and cut the rods them so you can get them all the way out.Or un hook one at a time to see if you can relieve the tension enough??It's been a while since I had a F-Body so I'm trying to go by memory here.

    I found a couple of pictures so lets take a look here.

    Yea, the rods are enclosed under that filler panel. You might have to take the window trim off to get that panel out of there.
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      I have tried moving the ends to different levels to see if it eases the tension but it didn't change much. The area is too small to get a grinder to. I started to bend the panel in question while I was moving things around and decided that it has to be removed. Alot of the window sealer will have to be removed because the panel has 3 or 4 little lips or flaps that almost go to the window. I will try to get a picture up.


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        I used to have that section of the body but it went with my '80 Turbo TA when I sold it.
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          I finished it. I was able to remove the panel. I had to cut out some of the window sealer. It was a pain and I bent the panel. Guess I need to replace it now. Thanks.


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            Sinister might be able to help you out. He's got plenty of birds and parts.
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              This panel?

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                This thread is old but.............
                The correct way to do this is to remove the rear window glass.
                Usually when the glass gets removed it reveals more hidden rust damage in the glass channel areas that need repairs made to them.
                There actually may be some spotwelds in the bottom glass channel that need to be drilled out before that panel can be safely removed.
                If any of the little flanged posts that retain the glass trim clips get broken off or are just MIA Au-Ve-Co Products
                makes a special adapter nose (#7981)for pop riveter (#7915) that extrudes the(11104) stainless steel rivet head to create the post with a flanged top that will retain the trim clips.

                Used this on a 1969 bird - almost same type of deal.Turned out sweet.
                The '69 is more labor though because the whole rear panel is spot welded in.
                See pics

                2nd gen may be slightly different because of the sheet metal screws that secure it to the trunk area but that rear panel has to he held down secure where it spans the opening in the glass channel.
                In any of these window areas ,glass channel etc. I use a zinc rich primer.Protect everything .NO BARE METAL.
                This also goes for any hidden areas inside the body or trunk areas that have a tendency collect condensation/or water . Then put on whatever decorative paint you want.
                Doing it this way nothing gets bent up , you don'r risk chipping the glass and after everyting is back in , re- spot welded ,all glass channel totally cleaned & primed you bed the entire window back in fresh mastic & butyl sealing bead and snap the trim on after paint.
                No leaks at the car wash or in the rain
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