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Nose and decklid decals

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  • Nose and decklid decals

    Does any know if a nose emblem was standard on a 1973 formula firebird?

    Also does any know if a 1973 formual had a firebird decal on the rear spoiler as standard or optional equipment?

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      Stand back Brit, I got this!

      As far as I know, there was no standard nose emblem on the 73 Formulas, and they usually didn't have a spoiler on the decklids either. The only callouts on a 73 Formula I've ever seen were the chrome Formula 350, Formula 400, or Formula 455 on the sides of the fenders.

      The decklid without the spoiler usually has a metal bird on it, and it it does have a spoiler, it's usually a small bird decal.

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