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Dustless Paint Stripping Pros/Cons?

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  • Dustless Paint Stripping Pros/Cons?

    Yesterday I watched a video on dustless paint stripping. They used 4 bags of crushed recycled glass, 1 quart of rust inhibitor and water (amount not specified) the guy stripped off the old paint on a 64 cadillac in 45 minutes. All the inqredients were added into a pressured pot which had a hose with spray gun. It looked like he was washing the car but the paint was stripped as he moved. The advantages listed were the cheap materials, no heat, no warpage of panels and no dust clean up, although I wonder how the ground looks after the water is gone..I'm sure glass particles are harmful to your engine and to your lungs. Anyway it was an interesting alternative to paint stripping with chemicals, plastic beads, walnut shells or sand. Has anyone used the technique?
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    Dustless Paint Stripping Pros/Cons?

    There is a link on here of the sane video under dustless blasting. It's okay until you see the equipment price then it's just another crazy paint removal system

    Dustless Blasting


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      i'm shur a person could make their own dustless blaster. wonder what the rust inhibter is?

      anybody ever used charcoal? was told it was just like baking soda except no vinegar and water bath to get the paint to stick. just blow it off wipe it down and prime. you will need the bath!! the info came from a local resto shop.

      i may run over to kingsford and see if i can get some dust and try it.
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        Not heard of charcoal dust but seen coal slag and walnut shell

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          They make water rings for blast nozzles where you blast with conventional equipment with the water ring added to it. In order to prevent flash rust, you use a rust inhibitor additive such as HoldTight. We use them for work blasting and painting industrial structures.

          It doesn't eliminate dust 100% but does drastically reduce it.

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