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want opinions on a man tran

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  • want opinions on a man tran

    OK so I beat that Camaro like a red headed step child. Got a good deal on it and admittedly its fun as hell to drive. 383 backed by the m21 4:11. And when I say beat I mean I drive this bitch hard every chance I get. So I shelled the tranny. 2nd and 4th are toasted. Most god aweful noise when I hit 2nd. So Im looking to find something that can handle the hard way I hit this thing. Whats yalls opinions on these m21, t10, m22, or Saginaw Im running a centerforce 11" clutch and it grabs great so im good on the clutch.
    1967 326 firebird
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    I would go with the m-22
    1965 GTO 455 JBP 4 speed M-21 12 bolt rear with 3.73
    1969 GTO 400 4 speed air matching # total stock
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      M-22 Rock Chrusher. You'll have change the yoke (400 Turbo yoke). I had good luck with a Ford style 3-speed Top Loader (factory in my '65 GTO). Also real good luck a T-10 4-speed from a Ford (it will bolt up behind a Pontiac not a Chevy). If I end up putting a 4-speed in my '65 I have now it will be a T-10 from a '64 2+2 GM pattern.
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