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1964 389 rebuild kanter dished pistons

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  • 1964 389 rebuild kanter dished pistons

    Hello, i am new to forums so please excuse the inexperience. I have 64 catalina with original 389 that I wanted to do a stock (low cost) engine rebuild on. I'm a little worried about compression and since I have a cracked piston and need to change them I thought I might get dished pistons. The only engine rebuild kit I could find with dished pistons is from Kanter. They cant seem to tell me what the cc of the dish is so I want to see if you guys have some input on my calculations. I did find out verbally from manufacterer(packard industries) that they have a .2 inch depth by 2 37/64 diameter dish (they are supposed to emulate the low compression 389 that was available in the early 60's). Here are my calculations:

    cubic inches(CI) : 1.044066 CC : 17.109

    using standard bore and stroke, .023 deck height (stock), .042 gasket

    9.02 : 1 compression 7.02:1 dynamic compression

    If I use there flat top piston with valve reliefs( I think the valve reliefs are 6.5 cc)
    than I get with compression calculator

    10:1 compression 7.74:1 dynamic compression

    Is 9.02 :1 to low for decent street performance with the rest of the stock components ?
    Im thinking put a little better cam in (ie comp cam xe262)
    It has 2 barrel right now. might try and find stock 4 barrel setup

    Any comments greatly Appreciated !!

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    It all depends on what you want from it when your done. 9 to 1 will run on any gas. you'll lose power from the 10 to 1, but take away the risk of detination. A different cam may help restore some of that, but be careful of the one you choose, as some need that extra compression. The 262 should be fine with the lower comp tho.

    You'll need a 61-64 intake for that block I believe, when you go 4 barrel shopping. Any other and you'll wind up with mismatched exhaust crossover and some bolt hole issues at the front and rear of the intake. Those 61-64 intakes pop up on evil bay all the time. For some flash and performance potential, you could look for a tri power. Still decent cruising mileage on the center two barrel with the power potential when the outboards are opened up. Those intakes pop up quite often on evilbay too. You'll either pay a large amount if the carbs are still with it, or you'll have to convert some regular 2 barrels to work as the end carbs. Conversion kits available from a few vendors and on evilbay as well.
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      thanks for the info. I've been looking at edelbrock ep4b (early Pontiac) . I prefer a stock 4- brl manifold but I need to find one local to NJ because they are so heavy. I'm having a tough time deciding between the dished or flat top pistons. Flat tops are cheaper and may give a little more power but im nervous about detonation


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        Hi guys I just joined the site today. Im in the same "goat" as grimmy. Im rebuilding a 65 389 for my GTO.
        My question is to you much more experienced builders than I is. Did the dished pistons work out and were you able to get the cc of the dish from Kanter?
        Thanks alot
        1965 GTO/389


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          He hasn't posted since that last post in March of 13. No idea what he chose and how they worked for him.
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            Thanks a lot for the update. Kanter is not real quick with the info back...jeeees
            1965 GTO/389


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              I did not end up using the Kanter pistons. I never received any additional info on the dish from what i have in the original post. The motor runs fine on 93 gas. I dont remember exact pistons /cam etc that i used but if you like i can dig out the paperwork if you like ? . The car is 1964 catalina 4door so i didnt want to overspend. fun to drive but im looking to sell and move on to my dream car. 63 catalina 4 speed!!


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                Thanks a lot for the update.thanks for the offer to dig up the paper work. My buddy and I are going a different route. Good luck on the dream car!
                1965 GTO/389